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Donate Car to Charity California and Donate Car for Tax Credit, Donate Your Car Sacramento and Car Insurance Quotes Colorado , Donate a Car in Maryland, Donating a Car in Maryland, Donate Cars Illinois, Online College Course, Automobile Accident Attorney, Auto Accident Attorney, Car Accident Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawyers, Low Credit Line Credit Cards, Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys Car Insurance Quotes MN Donate your Car for Money Cheap Auto Insurance in VA , Met Auto, Car Insurance Quotes PA, Car Insurance in South Dakota, Cheap Car Insurance for Ladies, Cheap Car Insurance in Virginia Free towing in Los Angeles, CA 00,000+ donors trust us with their car. Here’s what our Los Angeles donors had to say about how donating went for them. P.S. we didn’t make these up! They're all real donors, with real experiences. Vetmade Industries has a vaunted mission: To return disabled warriors to the workforce. It boasts that “93 percent of funds go directly to the cause of helping our heroes.” Well-meaning folks donated cars worth more than $2 million to Tampa-based Vetmade in 2015 – but only $91,348 made it to the charity, according to data from the California Attorney General. That’s 4.5 percent. Submit a vehicle donation in California (CA) vehicle donation to charity of your choice in California Car Donation Service in California (CA) California car donation is easy in the "Golden State". Keep in mind that when you donate your car in CA, you'll receive a tax receipt. With the huge number of programs out there vying for your vehicle donation, it may be hard to figure out the best organization to donate your car to. Car Donation Wizard proudly partners with the best national and local charities. How do we choose who's the best? We look for organizations that will best use the money raised from your vehicle donation to help change the lives of others. Organizations like the American Cancer Society, V-Dac (Vehicle Donation to Any Charity), Car Talk, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, the North Shore Animal League and many more. Donate your car, SUV, boat on a trailer, motorcycle, motorhome or other vehicle to charity today and we'll help return 80% of the net proceeds back to your charity. This is more than any other California or national organization can say. Check us out through the California Attorney General's website, where it's every vehicle donation program's responsibility to publically submit their return to charity. If you have an older model, higher mileage vehicle that might be releasing harmful emissions, our donation program can also help you recycle your old vehicle in California. Recycling a car helps create steel for use in future vehicles, with steel being the number one most recycled product in the U.S. Start your California car donation today with one of our great nonprofits. If you still have questions on what to donate, how to donate, or who to donate to, call our customer service team at 877-957-2277. How do I sign my title to donate a car in California? For detailed instructions on how to properly fill out your title click on one of the pictures below to see an example title car donation title for California donate a car to California title How do I release the liability of my donated vehicle in California (CA)? The state of California DOES require a Certificate of Title in order to transfer ownership of your vehicle. If your vehicle was last titled in the state of CA we can accept a Reg 262 and Reg 227 form in place of the title. These are secure forms that can be obtained at any local DMV office. We ask that your license plates remain on the vehicle at the time of pick-up UNLESS they are personalized. In order to complete your California car donation, transfer your title by entering the name of our authorized agent, ADVANCED REMARKETING SERVICES in the buyer/purchaser field. Please PRINT and SIGN your name in the seller/owner field EXACTLY as it appears at the top of the title. Helpful State Links California Department of Motor Vehicles Learn more about California California Secretary of State Cities and Towns in California Anaheim, Bakersfield, Chula Vista, Fremont, Fresno, Irvine, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Modesto, Oakland, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Stockton What happened to the overwhelming bulk of that money? About $1.9 million – 95.5 percent of revenues – was spent by a company called Just Donated Inc. in Orange, which specializes in “promoting your cause and generating a steady flow of vehicle donations,” according to its online pitch. Vehicle donations are one of the most costly ways to give in all of philanthropy, those in the industry say. They’re complicated and time-intensive, often requiring extensive advertising, expensive towing, mechanical repairs, storage, paperwork and eventual sales of what are often clunkers. The charities usually don’t have to do anything at all, leaving all the work to the (usually) for-profit middlemen. All that costs a lot of money. But, as we’ll show you, some charities get a lot more out of it than others. SMALL SLICES Just Donated, the Orange business that processes vehicles for charities, did not return calls and emails seeking detail on the numbers. But Vetmade’s executive director in Tampa, John Campbell, said that there are many costs incurred by tow truck drivers, auction houses and the companies that run the donations themselves. Campbell has been happy with Just Donated, he said; after all is said and done, some companies don’t return anything to the charities at all. • Another Southern California company specializing in charity car donations is Fund Raising Partners, long of Los Alamitos and recently relocated to Redondo Beach. Fund Raising Partners processed vehicle donations totaling $1.6 million for the nonprofit Durable Medical Equipment Aid Society in Tarzana in 2015, of which the charity got just 1.7 percent (or $27,235), according to the Attorney General’s data. The charity’s executive director said the numbers reflect initial start-up costs of running a new car donation program, and that numbers for 2016 will be better. Fund Raising Partners also handled car donations totaling $593,889 for Faith’s Hope Foundation in Fullerton. The return to that charity was even lower – just $3,213, or 0.5 percent. • Automotive Recovery Services of Westchester, IL, processed donations worth $6.5 million for the National Veterans Service Fund in Darien, CT. The charity got $1.2 million, or 18.5 percent. “The amount a charity receives for a vehicle donation is driven by two main factors, 1) the market value of the vehicle donated, and 2) the cost to solicit the donation,” said Phil Kraft, executive director of the National Veterans Service Fund Vehicle, via email. “In the current market we are seeing softer prices for donated vehicles.” When market prices are soft, the charity focuses on generating “donation volume” to hit its financial goals, Kraft said. “National Veterans Services Fund has a very limited staff and does not have the human resources to do hands-on marketing. Therefore we choose to utilize broader methods of marketing to solicit donations including SEO and PPC (pay per click). These broader marketing methods can be more costly, but help us drive higher volumes of vehicle donations.” • Michael Reese Enterprises in Costa Mesa specializes in processing a very large volume of low-value vehicles. It handled donations worth $6 million for a nonprofit called Growing in Voices in Irvine. The charity got $571,165, or 9.5 percent. • The biggest players on the scene were the Car Donation Foundation, aka Wheels for Wishes, in St. Louis Park, MN., and its vehicle processor, National Fundraising Management in Hopkins, MN. Total revenue was $31 million, of which $14.1 million went to the charity, or 45 percent. HEAVY LIFT That’s better than average. Total revenue generated by vehicle donations in California was $64.2 million in 2015, with charities getting about $25.5 million, or 39.8 percent of the total, according to the data. “Vehicle donation programs have become more popular over the past several years,” the AG said in her annual report on commercial fundraisers. “These programs are administered either directly by charities, or by commercial fundraisers that solicit donations and manage the program on a charity’s behalf, in exchange for compensation.” How does it work? The process usually begins when a donor contacts a charity or commercial fundraiser in response to an ad or solicitation campaign, the AG explains. In the initial phone conversation, the donor will be asked questions about the vehicle. Generally, the vehicle will be accepted unless the cost of towing it exceeds its value. The donated vehicle is then sold and the proceeds are divided between the commercial fundraiser and the charity. “Because all costs associated with advertising, towing, storing, and selling the vehicle are deducted from the proceeds before any distribution to charity, charities usually only receive a marginal amount from the car’s sales proceeds,” the AG warns. The attorney general filed suit against Ventura-based Cars 4 Causes in 2015, charging it with breach of fiduciary duty and deceptive and misleading solicitations. C4C, as it is known, kept and spent millions of dollars in donations that should have gone to other charities, the AG charged in the suit. MAKING GOOD Still, some make it work a lot better than others. • Advanced Remarketing Services of Warren RI processed $1.1 million of vehicle donations for the Independent Charities of America in Larkspur, CA. The charity got $888,104, or 78.4 percent. • Advanced Remarketing Services processed $523,053 of donations for the American Cancer Society in Atlanta. The charity got $426,764, or 82 percent. • Automotive Recovery Services processed $1.4 million of donations for the National Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Maryland Heights, MO. The charity got $1.1 million, or 74 percent. • Automotive Recovery Services also processed $2.7 million of donations for the National Kidney Foundation in New York. The charity got $1.9 million, or 69 percent. Zachary Lasky is the e-commerce product manager for Advanced Remarketing Services. “Our goal is to return 70 to 80 percent to the charity – we form a partnership with them. We’re not tyring to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes,” Lasky said. It can return so much because it doesn’t depend solely on auctions to sell the vehicles, he said. That includes selling directly to buyers, which cuts down on auction fees. Advanced Remarketing Services also avoids storing vehicles for long period of time – which cuts down on storage fees – and on expensive towing. “It’s definitely disappointing to see people taking advantage, maybe not have the best interest of the charity they work with at heart,” he said. Donors should read the tea leaves. Charities that are willing to accept just a tiny fraction of donation proceeds may deserve further financial scrutiny. FOR EXAMPLE Fullerton’s Faith’s Hope Foundation was dedicated to “assisting families going through the emotional and financial hardship due to the hospitalization of a loved one,” according to its mission statement. In 2012 – the last year it filed tax returns with the IRS – it spent $3.5 million, and $3.3 million of that went to fundraising. Spending on its aforementioned core mission was just $157,533, or 4.5 percent (charity watchdogs like to see at least 65 percent of spending on the core mission). The IRS revoked Faith’s Hope Foundation nonprofit status last year, after the charity failed to file tax returns for three straight years. Also, according to their IRS filings: • The Car Donation Foundation, which does business as Wheels for Wishes, spent $27.3 million in 2015. More than half of that – 51 percent – went to fundraising. • Growing in Voices in Irvine, which “promotes charitable giving by connecting people with the chanties and causes they care most about and supports humanitarian services to the hungry, poor and sick,” spent $11.9 million in 2014. Of that, $10.9 million went to fundraising. • National Veterans Service Fund, whose mission is “to educate and inform the public on the needs of veterans and their families, primarily concerning the Agent Orange Issue and Gulf War illnesses,” spent $9 million in 2015. Six million of that – 66 percent – was spent on fundraising. Dangerous curves ahead, donors. Do your homework, and proceed with caution. SMART PERSON’S GUIDE CHARITY CAR DONATIONS • Do your research. CharityNavigator and Guidestar are great places to start to check out how charities spend their money. The Attorney General lays out how much each charity actually gets, compared to the value of the donations, in its annual Commercial Fundraisers report. • Give vehicles to charities that can actually use them – delivering meals to the homebound, taking elderly people to the doctor, etc. Contact the United Way, a community college or vocational school to find programs that need donated vehicles. • Find a charity that handles its own car donations. That cuts out the middle-man and allows the charity to keep all the proceeds. If your favorite charity doesn’t accept cars directly, find one that does. • If the car runs, drive it to the charity yourself. That’ll save money on pickup and towing. • If you still want to give to a charity that uses a middleman, ask what percentage of your donation the charity will actually get. • Do paperwork correctly. Donors are responsible for notifying the Department of Motor Vehicles of the transfer of registration. You can be held responsible for parking tickets and worse if you don’t formally sign the car over to the nonprofit. Source: IRS, Charity Navigator, American Institute of Philanthropy, California Attorney General

    1. A

    1. A la Croisee Des Mondes - la Boussole D'or (France)     808MB
    2. Abunai - Koi no Sousa Shitsu Japan        1091MB
    3. Accel World - Ginyoku no Kakusei Japan        1026MB
    4. Accel World - Kasoku no Chouten Japan           1078MB
    5. Ace Combat - Joint Assault         1380MB
    6. Ace Combat - Joint Assault (Europe)      1380MB
    7. Ace Combat X - Skies of Deception        759MB
    8. Ace Combat X - Skies of Deception (Europe)       759MB
    9. Ace Combat X - Skies of Deception (Japan)         759MB
    10. Ace Combat X2 - Joint Assault (Japan)       1380MB
    11. Aces of War (Europe)      229MB
    12. Activision Hits Remixed         190MB
    13. Activision Hits Remixed (Europe)        190MB
    14. Adventure Player (Japan)       176MB
    15. Adventures to Go            58MB
    16. Adventures to Go! (Europe)       64MB
    17. Aedeus Memories Shinten Makai - Goc V (Japan)           575MB
    18. Aedeus Memories Shinten Makai - Goc V (Korea)       1609MB
    19. Aedis Eclipse - Generation of Chaos      573MB
    20. AFL Challenge (Europe)         38MB
    21. After Burner - Black Falcon      298MB
    22. After Burner - Black Falcon (Europe)       300MB
    23. Agarest Senki Mariage (Japan)     1250MB
    24. AI Igo (Japan)      5,81MB
    25. AI Mahjong (Japan)      12MB
    26. AI Shougi (Japan)        16MB
    27. Ailu de Puzzle Japan      96MB
    28. Air (Japan)      1099MB
    29. Air Conflicts - Aces of World War II          329MB
    30. Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka Portable (Japan)      913MB
    31. Akatsuki no Amaneka to Aoi Kyojin (Japan)     317MB
    32. Akatsuki no Goei Trinity (Japan) (Disc 1 And 2)      906MB
    33. AKB 1 no 48 Idol to Koi Shitara (Japan)      1580MB
    34. AKB1-149 - Love Election (UMD Disc 1) Japan      1590MB
    35. AKB1-149 - Love Election (UMD Disc 2) Japan       1644MB
    36. AKB1-48 - Idol to Guam de Koishitara... (Japan)       1598MB
    37. Akiba's Trip (Japan)    429MB
    38. Akiba's Trip Plus (Japan)     736MB
    39. Akudaikan Manyuuki (Japan)     72MB
    40. Akudaikan Manyuuki - Seigi no Yaiba (Japan)     58MB
    41. Akumajou Dracula - X Chronicle (Japan)            728MB
    42. Alien Syndrome        292MB
    43. Alien Syndrome (Europe)       285MB
    44. Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem      265MB
    45. Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem (Europe)      265MB
    46. Assassin's Creed - Bloodlines      518MB
    47. Assassin's Creed - Bloodlines (Europe)      252MB
    48. Astro Boy - The Video Game        946MB
    49. Atom (Japan)       850MB
    50. Avatar - The Last Airbender          123MB
    51. Avatar - The Legend of Aang (Europe)     124MB
    1. B

    1. B-Boy      464MB
    2. Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Defenders of The Core      714MB
    3. Battle Royal (v2) Europe     494MB
    4. Ben 10 - Alien Force     745MB
    5. Ben 10 - Alien Force (Europe)      746MB
    6. Ben 10 - Alien Force Vilgax Attacks     802MB
    7. Ben 10 - Alien Force Vilgax Attacks (Europe)     803MB
    8. Ben 10 - Protector of Earth     569MB
    9. Ben 10 - Protector of Earth (Europe)       560MB
    10. Ben 10 - Ultimate Alien - Cosmic Destruction      710MB
    11. Ben 10 - Ultimate Alien - Cosmic Destruction (Europe)    710MB
    12. Beowulf - The Game      797MB
    13. Beta Bloc (Europe)     47MB
    14. Beyond The Future - Fix The Time Arrows (Japan)     779MB
    15. Bigs 2, The    436MB
    16. Bilar (Sweden)    195MB
    17. Black Robina (Japan)    952MB
    18. Black Rock Shooter - The Game (Japan)     1063
    19. Black Wolves Saga - Last Hope Japan     1386MB
    20. Blade Dancer - Lineage of Light      176MB
    21. Blazblue - Continuum Shift II     892MB
    22. Bleach - Heat The Soul 7 (Japan)     267MB
    23. Bleach Soul Carnival (China)    459MB
    24. Bliss Island (Europe)    117MB
    25. Blitz - Overtime      597MB
    26. Blokus Club Portable With Bumpy Trot (Japan)    39MB
    27. Blood Bowl    83MB
    28. Blood+ Final Peace (Japan)     653MB
    29. Boku no Natsuyasumi 4 (Japan)     431MB
    30. Bomberman    74MB
    31. Bounty Hounds    1019MB
    32. Boxer's Road 2 - The Real (Japan)     377MB
    33. Brandish - The Dark Revenant (Japan)     270MB
    34. Brave Story - Aratanaru Tabibito (Japan)    147MB
    35. Breath of Fire III (Europe)     161MB
    36. Brooktown High    625MB
    37. Brothers in Arms - D-Day      1068MB
    38. Brujula Dorada, la (Spain)     807MB
    39. Brunswick Pro Bowling    116MB
    40. Bubble Bobble - Evolution      128MB
    41. Burnout Dominator    393MB
    42. Burst Error - Eve The First (Japan)     1161MB
    43. Bussola D'oro, la (Italy)    808MB
    44. Bust-A-Move Ghost (Europe)     36MB
    45. Buzz! Master Quiz     427MB

  1. C

    1. Cabela's African Safari
    2. Cabela's Dangerous Hunts - Ultimate Challenge
    3. Cabela's Legendary Adventures
    4. Cake Mania - Baker's Challenge
    5. Call of Duty - Roads to Victory
    6. Canvas 3 - Nanairo no Kiseki (Japan)
    7. Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded
    8. Carnage Heart Portable (Japan)
    9. Carol Vorderman's Sudoku
    10. Cars
    11. Cars 2
    12. Cart Kings Europe (M2)
    13. Castlevania - The Dracula X Chronicles
    14. Chameleon
    15. Championship Manager 2006 (Europe)
    16. Chandragupta - Warrior Prince Europe (M2)
    17. Chaos - Head Noah (Japan)
    18. Cherry Blossom Portable (Japan)
    19. Chessmaster - The Art of Learning
    20. Chessmaster - The Art of Learning (Europe)
    21. Chi Vuol Essere Milionario - Party Edition (Italy)
    22. Chili Con Carnage
    23. Chongseong And Diamond (Korea)
    24. Chotto Shot Japan
    25. Chronicle of Dungeon Maker (Japan)
    26. Chuukana Janshi Tenhoo Painyan Remix (Japan)
    27. Chuumon Shiyouze! Oretachi no Sekai (Japan)
    28. Cid The Dummy
    29. Clank & Ratchet - Maru Hi Mission - Ignition (Japan)
    30. Clannad (UMD Disc 1)
    31. Clannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de Gekan (Japan)
    32. Class of Heroes
    33. Classic Dungeon X2 (Japan)
    34. Clock Zero - Shuuen no Ichibyou Portable (Japan)
    35. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
    36. Clover no Kuni no Alice - Wonderful Wonder World (Japan)
    37. Code 18 (Japan)
    38. Coded Arms
    39. Coded Soul (China)
    40. Colin Mcrae - Dirt 2
    41. Comic Party Portable (Japan)
    42. Con, The
    43. Cover Girl (Europe)
    44. Crash - Mind Over Mutant
    45. Crash of The Titans
    46. Crash Tag Team Racing
    47. Crazy Taxi - Fare Wars
    48. Criminal Girls (Japan)
    49. Crimson Gem Saga
    50. Crimsongem Saga (China)
    51. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII
    52. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Europe)
    53. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (France)
    54. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Germany)
    55. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Italy)
    56. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Japan)
    57. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Limited Edition) (Japan)
    58. Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (Spain)
    59. Cross Channel - to All People (Japan)
    60. Crush
    61. Cube
    62. Custom Drive Japan

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